Case Study: A FinTech mobile app for online payments

Maria Zotova

Marketing and Public Relations Specialist

Reading time: 4 min

Find out below how our team developed a FinTech application for a company in the finance industry supporting over 50 payments methods, including an electronic wallet.

The customer

The customer is a financial services company that was founded in 2010. Established in Bahrain, it has a network of POS devices and more than 750 kiosks across the country. The institution 

partners with world-famous organisations such as eBay, Ding, Netflix, Xbox, and Zynga.

The problem

When the customer came to Eureka, its aim was to expand its influence across the country and increase revenue. For this purpose, the company needed to digitise services by providing as many payment methods as possible. 

Relying on our expertise, a financial institution wanted to build an Android application that would enable users to carry out transactions via their smartphones. Since the product was intended to store user and payment information (e.g. user name and last name, credit card details), it was crucial to ensure the security of sensitive data.

The solution

First and foremost, our business analyst and software engineer collected and analysed the customer’s needs. With a clear understanding of business objectives, we prepared a detailed technical specification describing project requirements improving app behaviour, functionality, performance, security.

To ensure an engaging user experience, our software development team created a FinTech mobile application that has an intuitive user interface and smooth navigation. As a consequence, customers can interact with the product even without thinking. 

The mobile app includes the following features:

  • more than 50 types of payments and money transfers
  • payments through debit and credit cards (e.g., Visa, Master Card, AMEX)
  • support for an electronic wallet 
  • balance tracking
  • display of the company’s terminals on the map
  • the possibility to add payments to the “Favourites” lists
  • retrievement of account balances and credit amounts

Aiming to safeguard sensitive data, our team also enabled a two-step security system and ensured compliance with security regulations.

Applied technologies:

  • Programming languages: Java
  • Tools and frameworks: Android Framework, Google Maps, Ant

The results

Collaborating with our FinTech software development company, the customer built a mobile payment app that allowed digitising services. With more than 50 payment methods, users can now instantly carry out transactions from any place in the world.

Thanks to the delivered solution, the company expanded its influence across the country and increased revenue. As of today, a financial institution penetrates around 98% of the market. 

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