• Custom software development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data | Data Analytics
  • IoT Development
  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning
  • We build complex software solutions that allow you to optimize business processes, boost user engagement, protect sensitive information, and increase employee productivity. With the help of advanced technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker, our team automates software deployment, scaling, and management.

    Creating a microservices architecture, we simplify infrastructure maintenance and achieve platform high availability.

    By using specific programming tools such as Jenkins, our software engineers enable a continuous delivery/integration pipeline, which allows you to reduce product release cycles. Focusing on data security and confidentiality, we ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and FISMA.

    • Java
    • J2EE
    • .NET
    • Oracle
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Jenkins
    • Bitbucket
    • Terraform
    • Puppet
    • Chef
    • Vagrant
    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Using innovative and proven technologies, our custom web development company delivers performant websites and applications.

    With Python, our team makes web projects associated with artificial intelligence, data analytics, scientific computing, and data security. Thanks to Python’s high speed, our software engineers write clean stable code faster.

    Employing Java, Ruby, and PHP programming languages, we build powerful business logic while ensuring high availability and fault-tolerance. With React.js, our engineers create beautiful user interfaces.

    • Java
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • C++
    • Node.js
    • .NET
    • Vue.js
    • React.js
    • AngularJS
  • With solid experience in custom mobile application development, our software engineers employ advanced technologies to create scalable solutions providing a seamless user experience. Using programming languages such as Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, we reduce time-to-market for native apps while improving their quality.

    Our company also makes cross-platform products—looking and performing almost like native ones—built with Xamarin, Flutter, and PhoneGap. Thanks to cross-platform tools, it is possible to significantly cut down expenses.

    Experts at Eureka are always ready to help you to choose the best technology stack tailored to your project.

    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • Xamarin
    • Flutter
    • PhoneGap
  • Leveraging the power of cloud computing, our engineers enable data backup, disaster recovery, and real-time data processing. By using the cloud, we automate application deployment by two-three times while reducing infrastructure costs.

    Creating a serverless architecture, companies delegate server management and infrastructure maintenance to the cloud provider allowing teams to focus more on software development and testing. With cloud computing, we ensure platform high availability, scalability, and resilience to heavy loads.

    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon Web Services
    • IBM Bluemix
    • Digital Ocean
    • Oracle
    • Ansible
  • With the help of cutting-edge technologies, Eureka delivers big data analytics software while ensuring information security and privacy. For example, our engineers use NoSQL databases to enable safe data storage and management.

    Employing advanced tools such as Splunk, we build big data solutions that provide real-time data visualization, analysis, and automated report generation. By using Tableau, our software developers improve the speed of data processing, which is especially useful if your system operates with massive arrays of data.

    • SQL
    • NoSQL
    • Elasticsearch
    • Apache Kafka
    • Splunk
    • KNIME
    • Spark
    • Tableau
    • Plotly
  • Bringing highly specialised expertise in IoT development, our team builds scalable solutions that capture, store, and transmit data via the network of connected devices. Based on the research of project needs and requirements, we choose an IoT platform for data warehousing, device management, and cloud-device messaging.

    Using advanced tools, our software engineers provide data visualization and analytics in real-time, so that you can make valuable insights. Having delivered dozens of IoT projects, we help our customers to automate operations such as inventory tracking, equipment and office environment monitoring.

    • AWS IoT
    • Google Cloud IoT
    • Azure IoT
    • PubNub
    • RIOT
  • Our enterprise software development company delivers artificial intelligence projects associated with machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. With up-to-date technologies, we make solutions that allow you to streamline operating such as client service, decision-making, and data analysis while improving time-to-market.

    For instance, using TensorFlow, our software engineers increase the speed of building machine learning applications. Employing Azure ML, we automate the creation and deployment of ML models, which enables you to save costs.

    • TensorFlow
    • Spark
    • Deeplearning4j
    • Azure ML
    • AWS ML
    • Cloud AutoML
    • Amazon Lex
    • Amazon Polly

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