At Eureka, we put our clients first and are able to offer you a full set of services for web and mobile app development.
We provide customised solutions and software development processes, so you can use technology to efficiently meet your business objectives.
Our software outsourcing capability allows us to expand our team quickly and introduce additional niche skills to each project, for projects of any size or complexity.
You can trust our team of skilled software developers to provide the best solutions and meet deadlines at every stage – from discovery and concept creation to prototyping, design, development and testing.

Web Apps Development

We deliver custom web development services, helping you automate processes such as document management, reporting, invoice generation, and request processing.
Having delivered 240+ web projects, our team consults you on the technology stack and solution implementation.

We build:

  • e-commerce websites
  • CRM systems
  • ERP systems
  • healthcare web portals
  • e-learning solutions
  • data analytics platforms
  • online booking platforms
  • social networking applications

Our custom web development services include:

  • IT consulting
  • web design/redesign
  • web development from scratch
  • product extension with new features
  • migration from an outdated technology stack or architecture to fix the existing issues, for instance, to improve security, reliability, scalability, and resilience to high loads
  • system integration with the existing software, for example, with a CRM module or content management system
  • post-launch project maintenance

Our custom web development company also createsprogressive web appsto let users install websites on their smartphones and enable instant access even when there is no Internet connection.

Mobile Apps Development

Following the best software development practices, we build native and cross-platform mobile apps that add value to users.

We create native and cross-platform mobile apps for devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. With the experience of 10+ years, our engineers focus on ensuring security, high availability, and fault-tolerance.

Our team follows best software development practices that include continuous deployment, continuous integration, and automated testing. As a result, we deliver mobile solutions faster and of higher quality.

Our custom mobile application development company builds:

  • digital banking solutions
  • insurance apps
  • m-health apps for doctors and patients
  • mobile fitness apps for physical activity tracking, workout at home, etc.
  • mobile reporting solutions
  • CRM apps for field employees
  • m-learning applications
  • event management apps
  • social networking solutions

Our mobile application development team can help you with:

  • writing a technical specification
  • choosing the technology stack
  • estimating project timeline and budget
  • creating a UI/UX design or redesigning your smartphone app
  • developing, testing, and debugging
  • extending the existing functionality
  • making a mobile app version of your web solution
  • preparing the app for the publication on the App Store and Google Play
  • maintaining the product after release

Aiming to provide a seamless user experience, our custom mobile application development company creates smartphone solutions that look amazing across all screens and devices. By now, we have delivered over 580 projects.

QA & Testing

Our IT company provides full-cycle software testing services, from reviewing a technical specification to auditing security of your system.

Eureka provides QA software testing services, from reviewing a technical specification to auditing security. With our experienced team of QA engineers, you can be sure your solution complies with quality standards. Through testing and debugging, we ensure high performance, prevent errors, and protect from data breaches.

Our QA engineers employ various types of testing such as:

  • performance testing
  • security testing
  • database testing
  • report testing
  • roles and rights testing
  • integration testing
  • load testing
  • usability testing
  • data flow testing

Using integration testing, our QA experts check the interaction between different parts of the system functionality. To enable enterprise-grade security, we test mobile and web solutions for possible vulnerabilities.

Safeguarding software and sensitive data, our team of QA engineers prevent hacker attacks, malware, viruses, and other threats. By testing software performance, we make sure the product is able to provide a seamless user experience even during high loads.

With nearly 400 successfully built projects, we deliver QA software testing services to ensure software quality, reliability, and compliance with the requirements.

Enterprise Application Development Services

We develop enterprise software focusing on security, high availability, fault tolerance, as well as compliance with standards such as GDPR and HIPAA.

With over 5 years’ engineering experience, we build digital solutions tailored to your business-specific requirements. Providing enterprise software development services, Eureka helps companies automate manual workflows, ensure data security, boost customer engagement, improve employee productivity, and minimize human errors.

Our software engineers:

  • choose the type of architecture—serverless, microservices, monolithic, etc.—that suits best for your project
  • enable DevOps to build, test, and deploy apps faster while improving their quality
  • provide enterprise-grade security by adding features such as two-factor authentication, role-based access control, data encryption, etc.
  • enable automatic system health checks and self-healing
  • customize a digital solution to your processes, including its integration with the existing software systems
  • build software with scalability in mind to facilitate future project growth
  • focus on application high availability and performance even during heavy loads
  • ensure compliance with standards and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

We provide full-cycle enterprise software development services, from prototyping to quality assurance and post-launch project support. By now, our team has delivered nearly 580 projects to more than 180 clients worldwide.

Enterprise Application Development Services

Providing IT consulting services, we help you create a software requirements specification, choose the technology stack, prepare a cloud migration strategy, and more.

Delivering IT consulting services, our company helps SMEs and enterprises address business-specific challenges using software solutions. By analyzing your project goals, our experts define the best ways to build it, from choosing the technology stack to assembling the team with the required skills and knowledge.

We offer IT consulting services on various issues:

  • project timeline and budget
  • technical specification
  • payment model, for example, Fixed Price or Time and Material
  • project roadmap
  • UI/UX design
  • software architecture
  • cloud-native strategy
  • cloud migration strategy
  • migration from the legacy technology stack
  • product monetization strategy
  • platform assessment to evaluate the system performance, security, fault tolerance, etc. and make improvement recommendations

With 5+ years of experience, our business analysts, designers, and engineers have delivered about 400 digital solutions to more than 180 customers.

You can start the collaboration with our IT consulting company with a project consultation to estimate budget and draw a roadmap. We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so that you can be sure in the protection of your intellectual property.

Enterprise Application Development Services

Our UI/UX design company creates transformative user experiences while ensuring consistency across all devices and operating systems.

As a custom UI/UX design company, we set up close cooperation with our clients to build mobile and web solutions that meet or surpass the audience expectations. Keeping pace with UI/UX trends and following best practices, our team creates transformative user experiences while providing consistency across all devices and operating systems.

We begin each project by collecting and analyzing your requirements to understand your business needs. Our UI/UX experts interview stakeholders, analyze competitors, conduct user research, and develop information architecture of a future product.

To deliver UI/UX software design, we focus on:

  • an intuitive user interface
  • convenient user navigation
  • fast data search
  • design responsiveness
  • high usability
  • digital branding

As a result, our UI/UX software design company helps you create a unique branding theme and attract customers through an engaging user experience.

Our UI/UX team makes:

  • 3D graphics
  • animations
  • custom illustrations
  • micro-interactions
  • liquid graphics
  • voice user interfaces
  • and a lot more

Our UI/UX design company develops beautiful websites and applications by conducting user research, user testing, usability audit, and quality assurance. We also provide UI/UX design consulting services to help you define the audience preferences, estimate project timeline and budget, etc.

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