Our clients:

  • Knowledge Sharing Solution for Healthcare Organizations

    A web solution that facilitates and promotes cooperation between various types of healthcare organizations. In order to help them find shared knowledge and resources, the platform offers multiple data visualisation techniques. The web solution allows healthcare organisations to manage data, publish valuable information, and display insightful programmes. At the same time, their peers can learn…

  • Mobile Security Management Platform

    This app represents the next stage in traditional password keeping apps and acts as a payment authenticator for personal bank accounts and online merchants.

  • A mobile app for bill payments and other transfers

    A mobile app for bill payments and other transfers

  • Vivoscuola

    Flexible and easy to administer web portal for educational community of Trento province.

  • Interactive iPad menu for Restaurants

    The app was initially created for a well-known restaurant in the United States, with the aim to improve customer satisfaction with regards to their dining experience.

  • RTE Geo Management

    Fleet Tracking and Management Software

  • Telmie

    A social marketplace and a telecommunications platform for paid video chat and voice calls with experts in any field.

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