A mobile app for bill payments and other transfers

The mobile app was created for a large payment terminals’ company in the Middle East and allows users to make payments and transactions from their phones.

The app is highly secured by a two-step security system and has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Users can make payments with their credit or debit cards and local e-wallet as if they were using a payment terminal.

  • Over 50 types of payments and transfers
  • Payments through debit cards, credit cards and e-wallet
  • Option to add payments to favourites, with an ability to keep track of their balance and due amounts
  • Display of terminals on the map
  • In-app registration with a payment system
  • Retrievement of account balances and credit amounts

Applied technologies:

  • Android Framework
  • Java
  • ANT
  • Google Maps

The mobile payment app allowed the company to digitise services and attract new users.

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