Case Study: Mobile and web apps for a European bank

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A banking institution came to Eureka to create a FinTech software system to digitise services and automate customer service.

The customer

The customer is a provider of corporate and private banking services. Established in 2002, the organisation has a net profit of nearly $2.9 million.

The problem

When the company came to Eureka, it was built on paper-based workflows resulting in an insufficient customer service process. For instance, to open an account or make a money transfer, people had to visit the bank, which might require travelling far from home and waiting in queues. As a consequence, customers might end up spending a few hours conducting a simple operation. 

In addition, the banking institution wanted to automate the process of reissuing credit cards and add the functionality of a foreign exchange broker.

The solution

Eureka’s FinTech software developers created a software system consisting of mobile and web applications for corporate and private banking customers. 

The mobile solution includes the following features:

  • online payment processing
  • transaction management
  • currency exchange and access to Forex rates
  • payment card ordering via the app
  • push notifications
  • banking centre and ATM search on maps
  • Touch ID and Face ID

The web application has the following functionality:

  • the same features as a FinTech mobile app
  • the currency broker functionality
  • electronic signature to sign documents online
  • CRM module to optimize the process of reissuing credit cards

Compliant with financial security requirements, the web system allows customers to sign documents with an electronic signature. Thanks to a CRM module, banking representatives can automatically identify the number of cards required to be reissued. 

Applied technologies:

  • Programming languages: Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C
  • Tools and frameworks: Angular, UIkit, EclipseLink Native ORM
  • Database: PostgreSQL


Collaborating with Eureka, the organisation provided users with the possibility to remotely perform most financial operations from any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Through the digitisation of customer service, the institution was able to attract new customers, boost efficiency, and increase revenue.  

By applying a digital signature, it is possible to sign and securely share documents online. With a CRM module, the company’s employees don’t have to manually calculate the number of credit cards required to be reissued. With all information stored and managed via a CRM system, the bank improved their data accuracy and minimised human errors. 

As of today, the bank continues cooperating with our team to maintain a FinTech software platform and extend its functionality.

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